How to Love Your Body

When you ask yourself, “Do I love myself? Do I love my body?” Are you willing to make the series of choices towards gratitude, patience, compassion, trust, and forgiveness? Love isn’t necessary an oozey emotion of fairytales. It isn’t this vague concept that is consistently spouted in the media. Love are small colorful multifaceted choices […]

Yoga is for Every Body

YOGA IS FOR ALL. You just got to be able to let go of the sh&t we see and hear about it, relinquish the stigmas of poses, body types, or even what we think a yogi eats, so that the REAL power of sitting and standing in those positions can work its magic from the […]

Is “Healthy” healthy??

Is achieving perfect health really healthy to all layers of your being? Physically, mentally, emotionally? Or is one being sacrificed for the other? I spiraled deeper and deeper into restriction while spouting healthy living, compassion, and finding balance. All the while I couldn’t find it myself. I couldn’t extend that grace and picture of healthy […]

Purge Morality with Food + Fitness

I had to earn my food. In an irrational way, it is an expression of my internalization that I am unworthy. Thus, I must earn worthiness. I internalize my desperation for value and worth by working to be perfect. As a result, I also worked to perfect my diet, health, and body in the name […]

Process & Embrace your Emotions

When we feel safe in our world, are able to release our restrictions and find pleasure, then claim our power we can then build upon creating trust. This is central to heal our relationship with our food and body image. Through trust is where we can learn to feel, give, and equally receive love, compassion, […]

4 Reasons Why Emotional Eating is Good

When I type in “emotional eating” into an online search engine, the top articles to pop up are how to overcome emotional eating, how to conquer this horrible affliction. What if I were to to challenge this preconceived notion and tell you that it is NOT bad? That you are NOT bad to eat emotionally? […]

Trust Your Intuition

Bryon Pose activates our sixth or our “third-eye” chakra that relates to our intuition, perception of the world, and our ability to see the truth in situations…When stuck in the dieting world, we are constantly bombarded with information and stories about what we need to do next, what we should look like, eating and exercise […]

Connect to Yourself

When we connect to our Self, we can then hear more of the calling for our life’s purpose, spiritual calling, or how we can and desire to serve the world. Image all the energy we spend obsessing about our food, health, fitness, and body and directed it into something grander than just ourselves?