I’m not a yoga witch that will curse you, and your children’s children for NOT coming to yoga

What makes you feel EMBODIED, joyful, happy, empowered? Swimming? Belly dance? Pole dancing? Weight training? Tennis? Running? Karate? Yoga?

It takes courage to step outside our routine and face the fear judgment. But honestly, no one really cares except ourselves! YOU DO YOU BOO! Do what makes you happy TODAY, in this season. Remember and recognize that you can always come back to something you previously loved to do and it will be there. We shift and change every day. Be ok with that, and honor that today.

In disordered eating, there are often events or truths that need expression but feel or for survival reasons need to stay hidden. This experience or truth feels primally dangerous. It makes sense to stifle the expression of something negative or that could create or relive a negative experience we turn to stuffing our mouths and push the expression down, or to purge the story from us.